Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I do not pack the boys any bento for the last couple days due to early release for teacher conferences, so instead I am just gonna share this :D
YUP! Spaghetti anytime at all since I tried this new trick I am about to share.
I froze the spaghetti sauce in the ice tray (you can either use new sauce or just leftover). Here’s how: After the sauce is completely cooled down, I filled each hole in the ice tray, and then shook it to release the air. Then I covered it with plastic wrap, and froze it overnight. The next morning I released the spaghetti cubes from the tray, broke it into each piece then stored it in the Ziploc bag, date it then froze it back. It would be good for weeks. Next time my kids asking for some spaghetti I can just simply take whatever I need then put it in the microwave for 1 minute on high (it depends on how big is the microwave). Then it’s ready!

It will also be good for chicken parmesan or any other dishes that use a little amount of spaghetti sauce. Like for example tonight, I made hubby meatballs subs using home-made frozen meatballs and a couple cubes of spaghetti sauce topped with some mozarella and parmesan cheese, so effortless for a quick yummy dinner.
If you do not have ice tray, you can just use any kind of mold you have that similar to the ice tray like some silicone jell-o mold or something. And if you have trouble releasing out the cubes, just run it in some hot water right on the backside of the tray for couple seconds.

Okay, now I’d like to share my special secret ingredient besides LOVE for my yummy spaghetti sauce. I know this trick from a good friend of mine, she always makes her own sauce using fresh tomatoes from her own garden. She suggested adding 1 to 2 tablespoon of honey into the sauce. At first I was kind a reluctant to try but I then I tried it anyway and OMG it really works!!!. The sauce is so yummy and it has some sweetness taste but not a sugary sweet.

I also like to sprinkle the sauce with some fresh herb like parsley and basil right before serving. It doesn’t matter what brand of spaghetti sauce you use but the result will be satisfying. My husband said that I have to canned my spaghetti sauce, and he is such a picky eater, so if he said its good then IT MUST BE GOOD ^__^


Lia Chen said...

That is a good idea Lin ... now you can have spaghetti anytime and save a lot of time too (^.^)

Just a MOM said...

@Lia : That's right, thank you so much Lia ^_^

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