Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spinach Ravioli Bento

I don’t know why but lately I am sooooo not in the best mood in making bento. I mean I still pack the boys lunch and everything but I just feel like I am losing my creativity, I don’t feel excited taking picture anymore …. I don’t know what’s going on with me.
Just the other day I even made an ugly bento, I was almost gonna post it on flickr for the ugly bento group but naahhh!!! … decided not to at the last minutes, it was just too ugly! LOL

Anyway, this morning I packed the boys some spinach ravioli, but I did not take a picture because it’s just exactly the same with what I’ve made in the past, so I thought I am gonna use the old picture instead.

This spinach ravioli from Costco is my life saver!!! Whenever I am not in the mood for cooking or just being a lazy butt like right now this is really coming handy. All I got to do is just boil it for about 7 minutes, strain it, then sprinkle it with some herb cheese that are included in the package and WALAHHH diner is DONE!!!! It’s even better because both of my boys are the biggest fan of this ravioli and they only want to eat it with just EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) sprinkled herb cheese, nothing else. So whenever I went to Costco I always make sure to grab one.

Anyway, here is the picture :

As you can see it's only spinach ravioli in one bowl garnished with fresh parsley and cherry tomato, and furit and vegetables on the other bowl, I also included extra parmesan cheese packed in a small furikake container. And lastly is my kids favorite snack cheezeIt!

Okay, I maybe need to find my ZEN and get a creativity boost right now and hoping maybe next week would be better.


Lia Chen said...

Your bento is great!! Sometimes we come to uninspired days, take one or two day breaks for making bento and it should be okay (^.^)

Just a MOM said...

Thank you so much Lia :)

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