Monday, November 23, 2009

Quail eggs

I miss my hometown BANDUNG so much where we can get the freshest quail eggs anytime at all for nothing. Here in Bellingham I will be lucky enough if I can get some "fresh" quail eggs at the Asian market. And it’s not available all the time so whenever I saw some I have to get it. And even so I still get little upset because I pay almost US$2.00 for ten pieces and "at least" 4 of them are rotten, not to mention I always have trouble peeling the skins off so I messed up at least 2 or 3 of them *bad me*. But I am still thankfull because at many other places you'll have no choise but to get the canned one.

Anyway, for today’s bento I packed D some left over fried rice with kamabako, elephant and rabbit quail eggs, teriyaki meatballs w/ zucini, steamed broccoli, cucumber and flower carrots. Same thing for B too but since he didn't really like fried fish cake so I pack him plain white rice. I prepared the apple at night so it turned a little brown in the morning, I ended up replacing it to a new one but too late to take another picture.

I also packed some fruit separately. I cut the persimmons into half to show the beautiful center part, I arranged on top of lettuce bed for color. If only I have some fresh berries I think it would be perfect, but for now peeled oranges would do.


Lia Chen said...

Cute bento Lin ... and really love the way you cut the persimmons, it's really nice :o)

Anonymous said...

you are awesome, you have a nice eye for detail. You can bento me anytime.

Angi said...

I know what you mean about being homesick, especially when it comes to something you want and can't get! I love your box from what I can see in the corner :) It's super cute!

Just a MOM said...

@Lia : Thank you so much Lia .. I have to learn more from you :)

@Angie : Thank you so much for your nice comment ^.^ I am still learning.

Lia Chen said...

Lina, I passed the 'Happy Mama Blogger Award' to you. Please pick it up at my blog. Congratulations!! Thanks (^.^)

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