Monday, November 2, 2009

Old bento pictures

I have no bento to be posted today, because I only packed the boys same O same O burger bento, and I did not even bother to take a picture. So instead I’d just go ahead posting some bento pictures from my old file, while refreshing my mind and hoping to get some new ideas for my kid’s bento in the future.

Let me start with this nasi goreng bento. We are all love nasi goreng! I make it almost all the time because it’s very easy to make. The ideal rice to be used is off course the rice that stays overnight (left over). You can, however make nasi goreng using some fresh made rice, but I would suggest putting the rice in the refrigerator for at least an hour. That way the rice would not be ends up too mushy.

You can throw almost anything into the rice, whatever protein and maybe vegetables you have in the fridge, seriously! So many times I make nasigoreng with some leftover fried chicken and maaan!!! My boys would go crazy for it! Making nasigoreng is my way to avoid wasting food, and basically that’s the idea according to Ming Tsai my favorite chef on foodnetworkTV.

For this bento, I made nasigoreng with some eggs and fish balls, it might sounds scary for some Americans but fish balls is a very commons ingredient to be used in so many dishes in Indonesia and many other Asian countries. It’s just like meatballs but it’s made out of white meat fish.

I personally off course love the spicy nasigoreng, but since this was made for the boys so I omitted the chilies. First I sautéed some minced garlic and chopped onion into a hot wok with just 2tbsp of vegetable oil (if you do not have a wok a regular pan would do the job). Then I added the fish balls that I cut into ¼ of each, after that, I added 2 eggs, scrambled it so it would not be clumped together. Lastly I add 2 cups of cooked rice and 1/2 cup of sweet corn, a little soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring until everything mixed together and cooked.

I arranged the rice in one corner of the box, divided it with a plastic grass divider, next to it are some hotdogs that I cut into a flower shape, I put green pea in the center so it really would looks like a flower. Some grape tomatoes in between and pickle cucumber and carrots packed in a little dish bowl. Next to the bento box I packed some sliced persimmons sprinkled with a little honey and some chocolates kisses. Keep in mind this is Dylan’s old bento! Back then there’s no rule of NO sugar at all on the lunchbox.

Here are some of my other nasi goreng bento pictures from the past :

This one is just a simple fried frice with some eggs, fish cakes and sweet corn. On the next tier is banana cake and sliced navel oranges.

This one is also the same fried rice as above only I added some eggs omelet and I made a car with it. I use nori for the pavement and the red light pose. On the next tier is just oranges, vanilla cookies, fresh red bell pepper, and more omelet.

I got the idea to make a cattepilar bento from the bento book that I just got a while ago, I arranged some fresh cucumbers and carrots on top of the fried rice. I was out of lettuce at that time so the fruit tier looks so empty and I wasn't quiet pleased with the result.

This last one is the same fried rice as the other, I just packed it in the Mr. Zojirushi bento box. I put some teriyaki meatballs, steamed carrots cut into a flower shape and fresh lettuce underneath. On the other bowl I packed some fresh grapes, cherry tomatoes, sliced pears, and sugar peas. Last but not least cheezeIt!


Lia Chen said...

Wow ... those oldies bento are great!!

javapot said...

that's a great way to box a caterpillar, nice!!

Just a MOM said...

Thank you so much Lia and javapot :):)

mels story said...

hai Mom :)
I'm your new readers in here and I come from Indonesia too :)
salam kenal :)

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