Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yummy mummy for Halloween's treats

I had no idea that I’ll have to make something for everybody at D’s class for a halloween’s treats, until 4.30Pm Thursday night! I really wished that he'd told me earlier.
He wanted me to make some green cake for everyone in his class. He calls it green cake but it’s actually a chiffon pandan, it’s an Indonesian version of an angel cake, but it’s flavored with pandan leave extract. Pandan flavoring is very popular for pastry or traditional desert throughout south East Asia.
He asked me reluctantly if the green cake is gluten free or not, and I said NO off course. Then he looks so upset and told me that he kind a promised his teacher that he’ll ask me to make something for the treats. but its gotta be gluten free, no sugar, no candy, and no dairy! ...Oh boy!

So then I rushed to the grocery right away to find some healthy little treats for everyone. But he kept telling me that he wanted me TO MAKE something for everybody. Then I thought I'll just fix them some fruit or veggie tray, it’s a quick and easy and plus all parents would be happy too.

Okay, Problem solved! Now I just got to make the boys a mummy bento that I’ve planned earlier, I was going to cook an egg separately and wrapped the yolk with the white part. And then I got this crazy idea, I thought to myself maybe I can make everybody a mummy treats, I knew it’s NOT gonna be an easy things to do because I'll have to cook more than 10 eggs and dressed it up like a mummy … NAAHH not a good idea since it was already 7 PM!

I debating myself for quiet some times and finaly decided to make some express yellow rice then wrapped it with thin layered of omelet and I'll try to make it looks like a mummy!
Thanks God everything was cooked around 8PM, but I worked up so late to finish wrapping and dressing all those little mummies, I use nori for the face BTW.

I really tried to make the egg wrapped looks white by omiting some of the yolk, but for some reasons the egg mixture still looks so yellow, Oh well! it is what it is. D seems to be so pleased when he saw the result in the morning, he just can't wait to go to school and show everybody.
I still include the vegetables I've bought earlier, there are some fresh cucumber, carrots, baby roma tomatoes and lettuce. I put it all together in a silicon cupcake.
I really wished I've known this way way early, so I can be well prepared and didn't have to stayed up so late, but HEY … anything for the boys right! anything at all!!


Lia Chen said...

Wow the great mummy!! Your son must be very proud to bring those little mummies to school and share it with his friend :o)

Just a MOM said...

Dear Lia,
Terima kasih banyak :) ... seneng banget ketemu orang Indonesia yg suka bento juga ....
Blog-nya Lia bagus2 sekali, pasti bakalan sering2 ditengok biar dpt new idea. Thanks a lot :):)

Just a MOM said...
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