Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(#101) Tuna sandwich

Back to school today!!! YAAAYYY !!! I am so excited to make my first bento of the year!! and I am using numbers for the title from now on. I think I have made more than 100 bentos at the past couple of years since I started. ^_~ Before I am blogging I posted my bento pictures in my Multiply account, so my Multiply contacts must know this. But to make it fair, I am gonna make the beginning number 1 is a code for bento posts. And will think of another code for the recipe posts if I ever gonna post one.

Anyway, today's bento contain tuna sandwich, cherry tomato, steamed broccoli, sliced of cucumber, carrot sticks and fresh mango. I use american cheese and nori for the 3 bears.

As for B since he doesn't like tuna I made him PB&J instead, the rest are the same.

I took a picture of the tuna bento one last night and as always I am not too happy with the light, so I then took another shot of the PB&B one this morning using my digicam (coz I am in such a hurry), but I am still not sure about the result. Anyway, I think this should explains why these 2 pictures are quite different.


Lia Chen said...

Hi Lin! How are you? Glad you are back in bento-ing ... I can see how much the different light in the morning and night. I always took the pics in the morning too. Wonderful bento for the kids! ☺

Just a MOM said...

Hi Lia!! Thanks!!! ^_^
I spent almost the whole summer in Bandung, really had a great time there. But so glad to be back here and start bento-ing again.

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