Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(#115) Turkey sandwich

Super simple no cook bento for D only! B is down with cold so I have to keep him home :'(

I prepared this bento in the morning, which is very rare!!! I honestly do not like being rush but today I still manage to take couple pictures.
It's only turkey sandwich with American cheese, carrot sticks, sugar snaps and strawberries.


Lia Chen said...

Small sandwich with cute stamps are great! I have this set too and kids love to have their sandwich with cute characters stamps for breakfast. Hope B will get better soon so he can back to school. Take care all of you :)

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Lia .... I am so glad I got this set ^_^ ... B is still staying at home today, hope he'll return to school tomorrow. Thanks again!

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