Monday, September 27, 2010

(#114) Spanish rice

We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner on Sunday, and I brought some leftovers Spanish rice home, thinking maybe I can fix something to go with it. And I did not know what to put on the bento until late. So I finally decided to cook the egg for D and white only for B (he doesn't like the yolk). Here are the pictures :

The rest are steamed broccoli, sugar snaps (for D only), strawberries, grapes and flowered carrots.


Kelly Polizzi said...

yum, love spanish rice!

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Kelly ^_^

Lia Chen said...

Looks so yum! My kids don't like the egg yolk before but now they are okay with it. Me, myself don't like the egg yolk until now. So I think it's pretty normal :)

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Lia, that's what I've heard too. I love the yolk but not too crazy on the hard boiled one.

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