Thursday, September 23, 2010

(#113) Meatloaf

B is staying at home today coz he has a Dr. appointment, so I only made one bento.
I actually was debating myself weather I should post this or not. The bunny and bear looks so lame!! (I think) but D likes it so much, so I decided to post this here anyway. I think my mind is just not 100% into bento-ing lately :'(

Inside the box : bunny and bear shaped meatloaf, mini pop overs, steamed broccoli, mixed baby tomatoes, carrot sticks and pears, and oh some gravy packed in a separated mini bear container.

No note's today ^_^ I wanted to keep this thing special so once in a while maybe enough and besides I was too busy preparing things for B's Dr. appointment, plus baby G wanted me to hold him all the time, he had stuffy nose too and probably did had a good night sleep. Hope he will get better over the weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend y'all ^_^


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