Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(#102) Roasted Chicken

We had roasted chicken for dinner last night, and I always pack leftover dinner for the next day bento. I tried to copy Lia Chen's idea  to make lil puppy using food picks for its ears, but mine is (off course) far from perfect ... and somehow it looks like a sheep instead ..LOL ... but that's okay! as long as I had fun making it ^_^

I use stuffing to make the brown puppy for D and since B doesn't like the stuffing at all so I use rice for his, and I only make one puppy for each because they both wanted and I only have 4 pcs of single leaf food pics, as you can see one puppy even have different ear colors. ^_^
The rest are roasted chicken, steamed broccoli, cherry tomato. One the second tier is cube mangoes with mini ice packs. I also packed them pop corn for snack (not pictured)
Here are the pictures :

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


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