Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(#116) Korean chicken BBQ

Yesterday when I picked up D from school he was coughing and started making me worry coz B is sick and  been staying at home for the last couple of days. I thought I might have to keep him at home too. But last night he's all fine! he had a good night sleep and I did not hear him coughing not one bit at all. So I sent him to school this morning, besides he begged me he didn't want to stay at home, he always loves to go to school and that's a bonus for me.

I cook Korean chicken BBQ a lot, coz this is one of my family's favorite meal. So you'll see it quite often on my kids bento ^_^
Inside the box : Korean chicken BBQ, pan roasted potato, cucumbers, mixed baby tomatoes, sugar snaps and flowered carrots.

Forgot to mention that that bear silicon cup is so flexible, I can fold the head and hands down underneath its tummy, so I can close the box with no problem at all. 


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