Thursday, September 16, 2010

(#108) Martabak telor (ground beef mixed with egg batter wrapped in spring rolls skin)

When I look into some other bloggers and websites, to be honest I am so tempted sometimes and envy their talents on making such characters, especially if they make it without any tools/bento kits. I am so amazed that people can be so creative with food.
BUT, there are some rules and restriction at my kids school that I must follow, I know this is good for the students and don't get me wrong I AM ALL FOR IT!!.
The rules are : NO character is allowed!! not on jackets, shoes, boots, clothes etc including on the lunch box too. Plus NO sugars!! (candy bars, sweet dessert or sweet treats), it's a BIG NO NO!! And I can see why.

So I never really make character's bento, and when I do it's only some general characters and avoid Disney's and another TV show's characters. I also very careful in getting my bento accessories collections, even tough it's very tempting sometimes because they are sooo many and are very cute!!!
But I found this very challenging, I know I really need to learn and be more creative, so any input or idea are well come ^_^

Today's bento I tried to steal Sherimaya's idea, making lion with the corn but mine is not as cute as hers .... LOL .... I guessed my corn is a little too big ^_^ ...

Today's bento contents are : martabak telor, (Indonesian savory dishes), it's ground beef mixed with egg batter and green onions wrapped in spring rolls wrappers. The original version of martabak telor has to be wrapped in a special dough, but I use spring rolls because it's more simple, easier yet taste better (according to my boys) ^_^. The rest are sweet corn, carrots and scallop potatoes.
On the second tier is fresh kiwis and pears with mini ice packs.


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