Friday, October 1, 2010

(#118) Perkedel kentang (pan fried potato dough)

TGIF ^_^ I am sooooo looking forward for the weekend!!, been so busy and tired all week long doing this and that... *sigh*
Anyway, up for the boys bento today I prepared some Indonesian savory dish called perkedel kentang, it's a pan fried potato dough mixed with some spring onion, salt and pepper. The boys love it!
I also cook some mini beef patty that I froze previously during the week. I normally use it for burgers. I use my new food picks that supposedly looks like a bones sticking out, but it didn't came out as good I thought it would be, maybe I should use meatball next time.

The rest are some regular veggies : cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, steamed broccoli, sugar snaps and strawberries. I also packed them some mini pretzels for a snack time (not pictured).

Have a very happy weekend everyone ^_^


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