Monday, October 4, 2010

(#119) Mac and cheese

Good Monday everyone!!!! I hope y'all enjoy your weekend ^_^
Our weekend was great, the weather was gorgeous here in Bellingham. We went down town on Saturday, had some fresh doughnut for brunch then heading up to the farmers market. I was so excited to found some purple cauliflower, mixed baby tomatoes and some purple(almost black) and yellow green beens. I never seen purple green beans before and I thought it would be perfect for bento this week as I'd love to start giving a little touch of Halloween to it.

But on Sunday I decided to do some deep cleaning and I spent almost the whole afternoon, feel so lazy afterwards and not in the mood to prepare some dinner, besides I just had a BIG sushi dinner on Saturday after having some doughnut for bruch. *0*... Oh I feel so full just thinking about it... LOL

Then hubby said he can fix himself a sandwich and made mac and cheese for the boys, and I said okay!! not a bad idea! the boys love mac and cheese once in a while. :P

So I included some leftovers mac and cheese for today's bento along with hardboiled egg, purple cauliflower, mixed tomatoes, asparagus, sugar snaps and I also make turkey sandwich for D and honey sandwich for B. I put that spider witch food picks that I got from Michaels last week.


Kelly Polizzi said...

Cute bento! Wish I could find some purple cauliflower. It's so pretty.

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Kelly ^_^ ... I love it! and the boys love it even more, its just make me so happy to see them eating lots of veggies.

Emma's Lunch said...

Hi there! i love your bento... the purple cauliflower is really colorful!

by the way, you can do muffin tin monday on sunday and just post a pic on monday :) or you can do it for the dinner, breakfast, snack time.... no need for it to be only at lunch! :P

Just a MOM said...

Thank you so much for stopin by ^_^
I am so glad to know that I can do the MTM on Sunday, snack time etc ... let's see if I can start to participate this coming Monday ...

Lia Chen said...

OMG! That purple cauliflower, colorful beans, and baby tomatoes are just perfect for bento. So lucky to have that. I'm not going to find those here for sure. Very nice bento! What did your kids say about those colorful veggies?

Emma's Lunch said...

just stopped by to follow you :)

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Lia,
I was so excited to get it too, the boys were so curious wanted to have a taste. I think they love it, cos I did not see any leftovers veggies on their lunch box yesterday :D

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