Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(#127) Eyeballs bento

Back to Halloween theme, today I packed the boys some rice served with Indonesian style beef.
I have seen some other bento-ers making an eye ball using bread with special edible marker, but I do not have such tools yet.

So this is what I did after I prepared some rice balls. I put some ketchup into small plastic bag, then poke a small hole at the edge and then squeezed the ketchup out creating the red marks on the rice balls. Then I put a circle nori cut by scissor.
I am not to crazy about the result but the boys seems to be excited to get Halloween bento again.

Other than rice balls and Indonesian style beef are some orange bell pepper and yellow carrots. And I also packed them some fruits and snack (not pictured).


Sysyl said...

aww...matanya melotot banget, serem...hehehe

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Makasih banyak Sysyl ... hari ini anak2 pada seneng bawa Halloween lunch ^_^

Lia Chen said...

Super cool bloody scary eye balls! I know your BOYS will be excited to have this bento. Their popularity rank at the school will go up after this LOL :D Love the effect of the tomato sauce, well done Lin :)

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Thank you so much Lia ... your comments are always encouraging! it means a lot to me coming from such a great bento maker like you ^_^

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