Monday, October 18, 2010

(#125) Quick and easy quiche

Before I started with this post, let me share a good news that really touched my heart. BentoBlog has posted the panorama result of the Octobre Pink Bento Project, 46 bento-ers world wide have participated in the project including me. the panorama is now up for auction on FB. Mine is the green box with the pink egg on the second row from the bottom. But you can also check it HERE.

Okay, now to today's bento. I made this supper simple and easy quiche using the recipe from the kawaii bento boxes book that I got a while ago. It came out really nice, I hope the boys gonna love it.

I use some spinach, yellow and green bell peppers and smoked turkey, so the quiche is loaded with some veggies and protein. I baked it in the bear silicon without any crust.

Inside the box other than quiche are honey sandwich, my plan was to make a tombstone with the RIP letters on top, but the stone shape is not shown as clearly as I wanted, and I was a bit frustrated when I made the letters RIP out of cheese, the letters came out in pieces, so instead I just took the letters out and cut the cheese as it is. Not too bad! The rests are sliced cucumbers, purple grapes and strawberries.
All and all the bento is not looking as scary as I wanted to be, but the boys still love it.

I am using my new stainless steel boxes that I just got last week and the lids are pretty high, so I can tucked everything and close it with no problemo!!. Love these boxes from Lunchbots!!!


tatabonita said...

I can see the tomb clearly - pretty tomb adored with pretty little carrot flowers :D. Love your new metal lunch box. I have a new metal one too, but have no idea when I'll use it hehe :D

Just a MOM (Lina) said...
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Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Thank you so much for your supportive comments dear Tata ^_^ and thanks a lot for following my blog ^_^

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