Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(#130) sweet and sour chicken

The weather is been so cold, wet and windy here for the last couple of days ... totally one of those day where you do not want to do anything but staying at home, bundled up with the kids and watch movies *kidding*.... LOL ...

Anyway, I cooked sweet and sour chicken for dinner last night, I knew it tasted so darn good and hubby loves it so much, but I guess this is not my boys favorite dish after all, I can tell when they were having dinner they kind a ate it because they have to. So there must be some leftovers today >,< 
But actually D is been doing really good this year, I almost never see any leftovers in his lunch box. I just have to work on B's appetite, he used to be so much better compared to D. But I guess it's hard when it comes to kids, one day they seems to be so picky and the next day they will eat almost anything .... ^_^

For today's bento, I use the eco lunch box that I just got the other day. I love the separated little container inside but I think I should not use that for today's lunch, why? because it's un-microwaveable and even if I manage to heat up the chicken still the heat will probably spoiled the fruits next to it.
So what you see in this picture is not what D is ended up taking. In the morning I took the chicken out to heat it up then put it back in, then I took the fruit and tomato then pack it in another container.

Back to the menu, other than sweet and sour chicken is rice o'lantern, steamed broccoli with bones picks sticking out, grape tomato, and purple grapes.
And here's the picture of bento for B, I use regular plastic boxes for him, everything is the same but instead of making rice balls, I just layered the rice and topped it with carrot o'lantern and nori bat.


bentobird said...

Mmmmmm, this chicken dish looks so savory, perfect for a cold rainy day! Can I just say how cool your nori bat is? Great idea! Have a lovely evening, Lina :D

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Bentobird : thank you so much, you have a great evening there too ^_^

Kelly Polizzi said...

Wish I could try that sweet and sour chicken! Do you have a recipe?

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Thanks Kelly ^_^ it's a very simple sweet and sour chicken, I'll maybe post the recipe with the picture in the future.

It's very easy to make, just cut the boneless skinless chicken into little cubes, seasoned it with salt and pepper, floured it and fry it till golden brown, set aside.

In the different skillet, heat a little of oil mixed with margarine (optional) and sauted some chopped onion, minced garlic and ginger till fragrant, add some ketcup, sugar and a little vinegar and salt.
At this point you can add some carrots and bell pepper, then add the chicken, stir till the chicken get fully coated. You can also add some pineapple.
If you want the sauce to be thickened you can add some corn starch mixed with cold water and add it to the chicken while it still boiling hot, and keep stirring. Serve it hot with some rice.

KidsDreamWork said...

The food looks just yummy with cute Jack O'Lantern everywhere! :D

Lia Chen said...

Yum Lin! Sweet and sour chicken is great ... I usually add pineapple too ;) Halloween bento looks so fun, yeay!

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

KidsDreamWork : thank you so much ^_^ this week is the week of Halloween, so I need to do Halloween theme as much as I can ^_^

Thanks a lot Lia, I love pineapple but I didn't have any yesterday.
And as yummy as it sounds B is still coming home with some leftovers ..*sigh* ... really need to work on his appetite.

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