Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(#126) Spinach Ravioli

I really want to make another Halloween bento, but last night I was so blank and couldn't come up anything, I ended up standing in the kitchen doing nothing and wasting time. I think I have to look up for some new ideas and inspirations from another bento-ers. 
So I decided to go back to my life safer's bento menu :D I know it's just ravioli bento, but I was in the good mood on taking pictures :D 


Inside the rectangular box is spinach and cheese ravioli sprinkle with EVOO and Parmesan cheese and herb topped with flowered carrots, yellow baby carrots, orange bell peppers and baby Roma tomatoes. On those 2 little containers are some grapes and strawberry and some gold fish for a snack.

Almost all the time I make 2 identical bentos for the boys to save some times, and here is the other picture :


Sysyl said...

Spinach Ravioli-nya kliatan enak...nyam nyam bgt :D

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