Friday, October 15, 2010

New Lunchbots Boxes and Cutters

Have no bento to post, but too excited about these new boxes I got from lunchbots, I thought the lids are made out of plastic because it's so colorful, but I was wrong! everything is stainless steel ... sooww kewl!!!!
I love the Uno and Duo, it's perfect size for my boys, and I'll have to start making bento for hubby now that I have the Eco lunchbot ... perfect size for him... ^_^

And I also got this Ateco cutters .... I did not expect this to be so tiny, OMG it's so cute!!! I am so excited and can't wait to use it ^_^

Okay, now for some good and bad news,
As I mentioned HERE that today I am cooking some Indonesian chicken soup (Soto Ayam) for D&B's school for the Soupy Friday. So I cook the same amount of soup as I normally made in the morning then dropped it at the school around 12:15PM. I told the teacher I could not stay there too long coz baby G needs a nap so badly, so I left school then heading home.
Went there again to pick the boys up at 3:30PM and D&B's teachers said that I have to cook more next time. Everybody loves the soup!!! some of them wanted to have the second bowl but they could not! the soup is all gone!!
I had a mixed feelings between good and bad ... I felt so good that they love the soup so much, but at the same time I felt so bad to those who wanted to have more ...
Anyway, there will be so many soupy Fridays to come, next time I'll make sure I make more.


Sysyl said...

wah, sekilas liat juga aku kira dr plastik loh mbak ^^. Hmmm, pasti soto ayamnya enak deh, jadi pingin makan soto ayaaaammmm...cetakannya lucu2, itu diameter yg paling kcl brp mbak? di sini kayaknya agak susah cari cetakan yang diameternya sekitar 1-1,5cm. pdhl bwt bento pasti bgs :D

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Makasih banyak Sysyl, iya mungkin krn ngliat warna jadi fikirannya langsung itu plastic .. hehehe
Soto ayamnya sich biasa2 aja, tp mungkin bwt lidah orang sini agak2 laen jadi pada suka ... seneng banget aku ^_^
cetakan yg paling kecil diameternya sekitar 1 - 1.5 gitu .... kecil banget imut dech ^_^, coba cari di toko peralatan kue say, mudah2an nemu ^_^

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