Friday, October 23, 2009

Mushroom rice

I am so excited when I got this thermal bento box from Zojirushi. The food really stays hot or cold for hours. The container is a little too big for my boys, but I always give them kids portion and sometimes I packed them lunch using 3 bowls only.

For this Bento I prepared mushroom rice, I got the receipe from the bento book by Naomi Kijima, love the earthy flavor from the mushroom and the boys seem to love it too. I did not use the rice cooker however because I added some sauted onion and garlic into it, so I use regular pan.

Here is the upclose image of the rice as you can see the bowl still pretty deep huh? :

For the side dishes I have lemongrass chicken (its a vietnamesse dish), the kids and hubby love this chicken, I make this quite often so you'll see a lot of them on my bentos. I promise I'll share the receipe in the future. I also throw some leftover shimeji mushroom when I sauted the chicken, next to it just a steamed broccoli and some hard-boiled quail eggs :

I packed shrimp crackers for a snack, and some fresh fruit (not pictured) in a separate bowl, here are all combine together and ready to be packed (exept for the fruit bowl):

I did not have carrots or any other colored vegetables at that day so I garnished the rice with some fresh parsley and red apples cut it into a flower shape using a vegetable cutter that I got from OL bento store.


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