Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simple spinach quichee

Here is a new delish dish that I put together for my son's lunch. It's very simple and super easy to make because I use a frozen pie dish, and frozen spinach leaves.
I mixed together some heavy cream, eggs, parmesan cheese, lil dash of garlic powder and pepper, I did not add any salt into it because the parmesan cheese is quite salty. Then add the frozen spinach into the mixture (don't forget to squize the excessive juice) stir it together and pour it into the pie dish, springkle it with more parmesan cheese then bake it in the 375F oven till done (it's about 40 - 45 minutes). Cover the edges of the pie skin with tin foil to avoid burn.

For the bento, I divided the pie with cute plastic elephant dividers and I stacked some fresh red and yellow bell pepper next to it, the rest are fresh lettuce leave and steamed baby carrots.

I also packed fresh oranges and apples in a separate box. I peeled some of the apple skin off using the X-acto knife to shape a diamond pattern.


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