Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome ....

Hi there ..
welcome to my lil corner ....
I decided to finally make my very own blog, after couple years of delayed due to the pregnancy and so on and so on. Yeah you heard it right!!! I blame it on the pregancy for my lazyness!!! ;-)
Well, let me started by introducing myself, I am a proud SAHM of 3 gorgeous boys, I love to cook (not an expert), I also love to bake once in a while, learn a new things, and have caught a bug of bento making like 2 years ago or so!
Back then my first son went to school for only a half day, so I only made bento when I feel like to, and have him enjoy his lunch at home after school. But as soon as he enter a full time Kindergarten, I started to take bento pictures and posted on my MP account.

But now that I have my bento blog, I will share some of bento pictures I make for my son D who is almost 7 and B who is 4 and just started PreK this fall, no bento for baby G yet coz he's only 5 months old.
And maybe here and there I'd also share some recipes I've tried from my kitchen. 

I started this bento hobby thingy by accident, I remember I was just blog-walking looking for some new recipes to try and this particular website has cought my attention. It was , I love the way she arranges all the food and fit them into a little container calls bento box, the food looks so appealing so interesting, the colors the portions and everythings is just make me want to learn more. And the most interesting part is that the food are mostly leftovers!!! Judging from the pictures you would've never guessed that.

Then I said to myself THIS IS IT!!! ... no more wasting leftovers, hence I can offer the boys so many variety of healthy home cooking foods. Less waste at school since everything is packed in reusable CUTE containers, long term benefit maybe will make my kids less picky and appreciate me more ;) and so many other benefits from bento-ing.
Another main reason why I am doing this is because my oldest son has a very severe peanut allergy, so I have to make his lunch as interesting as possible to him, that way he would not look at other's lunches, but all and all I know I am havin FUN doin it! ...

Another inspiring website that I visits regularly is
I got soooo many many ideas from that website. The more I read and learn the more I am become a bento enthusiast!! I then began to collect my very own bento kits from whatever I could find from a local craft store such michaels or joann, but mostly I bought them on line trough eBay or many other online bento stores.

Okay enough talking ;-)
I want to dedicate this blog for my beloved family, my husband DG who is always there for me, thank you so much for your never-ending love and support! ... I love you more and more everyday!
And my 3 sons D, B and baby G I love you so much like you can never imagine!

That's all for now ... have a wonderful day and see you on my next post!


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