Friday, October 23, 2009

Rice with roasted seaweeds bento

My boys are crazy about this korean style roasted seaweed. Sometimes they request it for a snack. But they also love to eat it with plain steamed rice. I don't blame them ... it tastes good!
I like to buy roasted seaweeds in a big package then cut it into small sizes, instead of buying the single serve one because its way much cheaper and also they would not struggle opening the plastic plus there won't be too much garbage at school.

I shaped the rice using a bear shape onigiri rice mold, and I put nori face on top of them. I arranged the rice with some steamed broccoli in between so they wont be sticking together.
On the next bowl as you can see there are fresh pears, apples and sugar peas laid in a lettuce bed :

For snack time I packed them rice crackers with seaweed flavor.


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