Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuna sandwich bento

I pack tuna sandwiches quite often, not only because its super easy to prepare but my oldest son D is the biggest fan of tuna sandwiches, he actually wouldn't mind getting the same thing everyday!
Getting some idea from another bento bloger I put together this cute tuna sandwich that I know its gonna put a smile on his face.

Anyway, I shaped the tuna sandwich using empanada maker, but you have to flaten the bread with the rolling pin and then lay the bread in the middle of empanada maker, put some tuna filling in it then press it together,  WALAHH!!!! beautiful tuna sandwich is created!!! don't forget to cut the edges with the kitchen scissor.

I bought the alphabet cutter at michaels the other day, its actually for cake decorating, but I thought I can use it the bento. The letter O is kind a hard to get out because it is so tight as you can see on the picture its a little broken, well not bad for the frist timer, I'll have lots of practicie in the future.

So anyway, I put the sandwich on top of fresh lettuce leave, I arraged the word LOVE U that I made out of cheese on top of the tuna sandwich, and the rest are some grape tomatoes, sweet peas and steamed baby carrots.

Belows are just some pictures of tuna sandwich bentos that I made in the past :

Have a great FUN weekend everyone!


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