Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friendly little ghost!

Today I prepared two identical bentos for the boys, so I did not have to take lots of pictures like yesterday and the day before. They both want mini burger but I actually wasn’t sure if I could pull it together and make it into a Halloween bento, because I packed them mini burger so many time in the past couple of weeks and honestly I am getting so bored with the same bento display.
I actually haved planned to go to Asian market yesterday to pick some quail eggs, I tought I gotta  try to make a real ghost using quail eggs like the one piko made at http://www.advanturesinbentomaking/. But I decided to do laundry instead because the pile is just keep getting higher and higher it's like almost touching the roof ;-) seriously! I am so behind now because I've caught some cold early last week.
Well, anyway! I still thought I should give a little Halloween touch on this week’s bento, so I put this little friendly little ghost that I made out of Swiss cheese with some nori for the face, and put it on top of the burger. I made the RIP letter with some regular American cheese. After seeing all being put together I am quite pleased with the result, I think it wasn’t so bad after all!

Now for the burger patties, I always made the patties a whole lot at a time, freeze it, then thaw it whenever the kids requesting. It doesn’t take long at all to be thawed and It’s so easy to make. Believe me it will come handy for the busy mom who loves bento-ing.

Just mix 1 or 2 lbs fresh ground beef season it with some of your favorite BBQ sauce, worchestershire sauce, salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Scoope it with mini ice cream scooper so the size will be uniform, then flatten it with your hand. Put parchment paper in between of every patty so it would not be stacked together in one big piece once it froze. Store it in the airtight container then freeze it. It’s too easy isn’t?

As for the bun I always use 1/3 of the regular size hotdog buns. This time I use whole wheat hot dog bun. I also packed them some steamed asparagus, fresh lettuce, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes and ketchup in a little monkey sauce container.
Now I can’t wait to pick them up and ask them how their day went.


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Nice & cute bento on your blog, love it!!

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