Friday, October 23, 2009

New bento kits ...yipppiiiiiieeee!!!!

I am a bento enthusiast!! ... I am always excited whenever I get some new bento gadgets. Here are some of them that I got a couple weeks ago :

This is a dreamland eggmold, haven't try them yet but the seller has included the instructions in english, so will see if I can make it as perfect as the picture ..*crossing my fingers*
I have to cook the eggs separately, as you can see the eggs would come out in 4 different shapes: heart, diamond, star and flower. It also comes with the egg yolk separator.

The seller is pretty generous to give me this extra bento kits, an animals food pics ... aren't they cute? Love them
Will add some more pictures later on because I have received some other bento kits, I just couldn't find the picture in my files right now.


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