Friday, October 23, 2009

Tamagoyaki bento

This is one of my old bento picture :

I use my 3 tiers bento boxes, the size of the boxes are soooo small but its just perfect for my lil one. I made a simple fried rice with a sweet corn and fish cake and added just a lil soy sauce into it. On the 2nd tier is a tamagoyaki that I made using some receipe I found OL, sliced fresh tomatoes and soy sauce packed in a lil bottle.
On the last tier I have some sauted crimini mushroom, next to it is a fresh cucumber and carrots pickle relish pack in a cute little separate bowl. For a snack I threw in some cookies that I got from the asian market.
As I said earlier that this is one of my old bento pictures, I am now more aware and carefull on buying some snacks or some food product from asian market since the government and the FDA warnings about food safety issues on some imported products from China.


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